a night with Music & Millet

Thank you all for coming to our first collaborating event
with `Love is a Gift` music concert by Maya and Hiroko.

We sincerely apologise for those who missed out on tickets.
It will most likely to be on again in August ^^

Here is what we prepared for this special occasion.

* Rice paper rolls with buckwheat and fresh salad + tofu dip
* Multi grain rice and mushrooms in INARI pockets

* Indian millet loaf and vegetable skewers + chili sauce
* Mushrooms stuffed with flavoured millet + lotus root chips

* Special Japanese sweets with pumpkin and beans

Special thanks to, Maya, Hiroko, Loco coffee
and also to the wonderful millet supporters,
Ms.HMame Japanese Sweets, Ms.C and Ms. A

by millet_sisters | 2009-05-06 13:12 | Special Events  

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