Open Cafe and Winter Menu

You'll be delighted by traditional Japanese cuisine
using a fusion of winter garden veggies and grains.

Where : Wabi Sabi Salon 94 Smith St Collingwood VIC
When : June 14 (sun) 12pm-4pm

~Sacred Grains~ Winter Lunch Menu

1. Miso Sake Soup served with Rice Triangles

* It's very popular winter dish especially in the West side of Japan.
This refuse of Sake is full of nutrition and known for its warming effect.

2. Dairy-free Quiche with Winter Garden Veggies
served with Daikon and Walnut Salad, and Tofu Mousse.

* Vegetables grown underground such as Daikon (Japanese Radish)
are the ones to eat more in winter as they keep your body warm.

3. Sacred Grains Lunch Box served with Miso Soup

* Mochiawa Millet, Buckwheat, Takakibi Millet and
nutritious grains are packed in this special lunch box.

4. Sweets; ' yukashi ' Cake served with Organic Tea or Coffee

* 'yukashi sweets' are surprisingly delicious healthy alternatives.

5. Drinks; Organic Japanese Tea, Coffee, Chai and Soft Drinks

* A slight change in the menu could happen without notice.
* In our sustainable cooking, locally grown organic ingredients
are used whenever possible.


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