Early Spring Community Cafe ~ August 23 ~


Sacred Grains community cafe will be re-open again
on August 23rd with our colourful Spring menu!

Date: August 23 (Sun) 12am - 4pm (last order 3:30pm)
Location: Wabi Sabi Salon : 94 Smith Street Collingwood
     (Melway ref. 44 B5 or Tram 86 Stop 15)

~ 60 Lunch Sets and 20 Yukashi Sweets are available ~

This time bookings are necessary...
so please let us know your arriving time, and the number
of lunch sets or/and sweets you would like to order.

All booked out, arigato gozaimasu. updated on Aug.18

For booking : zakkokuaus@hotmail.com

**Spring Menu**

Lunch Set   $15

Cherry blossom rice triangles (VG)
Traditional style rice bran pickles (VG)
Millet dumpling and veggies on a skewer with wasabi sauce (V)
Creamy polenta omelete with bolognese style millet sauce (VG)
Red quinoa and vermicelli salad with perilla dressing (VG)
Stuffed mushrooms with risotto style millet (VG)

Yukashi Sweets   $6

Yomogi herb and white chocolate cake
Black sesame blanc-manger with Kinako cream
(Kinako : sweet soybean condiment)

We have chosen ingredients with no additives and preservatives,
also organically grown local produce is used wherever possible.

Unlike the winter menu, our Spring menu above contains
a little bit of dairy...but please do not hesitate to let us
know in advance if you prefer a Vegan alternative (^^).

'Sacred Grains' is run by volunteers.
By organising such events we'd like our community
to get involved and enjoy sharing and bonding.
By cooking millet cuisine, we'd like to preserve
some traditional dishes, yet at the same time,
discover the sustainable future foods.


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