Grains and our Environment


* The amount of energy we consume for everyday life,
number one is for growing, packaging and delivering
the food we eat, secondary for a shelter,
and thirdly for transportation.

* Millet and most Grains can grow in cold, warm and
dry regions with no or very little agricultural chemicals.

* One hamburger costs 5 square meters of rain forest,
while a millet burger needs only 1/6 cup of millet
which is not even a plant.

* Currently we feed most grains to our livestock and
it's costing us easily ten times more energy by the time
it ends up on our table (not to mention the land and
the huge amount of water used to farm cattle),

that's why we like to show people how to aim and cook
with sustainable alternatives.

by Maki

by millet_sisters | 2008-10-18 15:08 | Earth Impact  

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