About the Millet Sisters

For eons, grains have been the most essential food for millions
of people all over the world. As our society became affluent,
we turned away from these little drops of nature and
started feeding them to farm animals.

Following the recipes of Ms.Otani, the founder of Tsubutsubu
Cooking in Japan, we've started experimenting and creating
delicious dishes using various grains available here in Australia.


In our sustainable cooking, organically grown local vegetables
are used as well as diverse grains such as MILLET, AMARANTH,
QUINOA, BUCKWHEAT and etc. They are highly nutritious
in comparison to wheat or rice, yet have much less impact
on our environment in the process of growing them.

We believe that making each other fall in love with this style
of cuisine can help create markets for drought-stricken farmers,
and contribute towards a better world.

Special thanks to 味和 yummy peace for planting the seed of
SACRED GRAINS in all of us!

We also have individual websites focusing on different interests.

☆ Sustainability and
Spirituality by maki

☆ Natural Delicacies
by yukashi


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