Sustainable BBQ & Picnic


Thank you for those who turned up for
the 'Sustainable Sausage Sizzle' yesterday!

Thank you also for your amazing dishes;

Quinoa Salad with Cranberries and walnuts

Special Bento Box with Japanese Style Pickles

Buckwheat Sausages with Beetroot as colouring

Pies filled with several Grains (top) and Chickpea Felafels

Garden Veggie in Thai Sauce (top) and Millet Sausages

also...Home made bread, Spring Rolles with Cheese
and Sun-dried Tomatos, Quinoa and Oats Cookies,
Carrot and Beetroot Dips, Baked Potatos and etc.

There is no word to describe how delicious each dish was...

On the Cup day, while some people were betting on horses
and dressing up to impress others (^^), I hope everyone
who came for the SSS was happy to celebrate the day
with soulful dishes.

*Special Sustinable Prizes go to...Mr. J for riding his bicycle to
Williamstown and also...Ms. H for using her own garden veggies!

by Maki

by millet_sisters | 2008-11-05 16:59 | Special Events  

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