Cooking from Permaculture Garden


On the last day of October, I was invited to a house of
Permaculturists for a cooking demonstration.

In light drizzle, the creator of the Permaculture garden
and I started wandering around to find some ingredients
for tonight's dinner.

...uhmmm...something yummy to go with grains.

"Lemon tree is over there, Here is our Asparagus,
oh! sorry I forgot about you (to her melon seeding^^)"

It was as if she was introducing me to her close friends,
it's just that ... they can be nibbled^^.

As she was gently guiding her fluffy chooks to bed,
she explained how to build a fox-proof cage using
some recycled materials, which may seem rubbish
for some, but they're very useful toys for others.

By the time a basket was full of fresh vegetables
and fruits, People from the Eastern Suburban
Permaculture Group started arriving.

Together we cooked; (veggies from the garden)

* Minestrone-Style Soup with Millet and Oats (Red Onion, Parsley)

* Marinated Seaweed with Buckwheat (Lettuce, Rocket, Lemon)

* Japanese-Style Pasta with Buckwheat
(Asparagus, Beans, Peas, Spinach, Mitsuba, Shiso)

* Garlic flavoured Quinoa Nuggets (Garlic Chive, Red Onions)

* Millet Burger with Grated Carrots (Thyme and Red Onions)

* Cooked Vine Leaves and Kale

* Oat and Carob Truffles


A small kitchen gave us no choice
but to be cooking close to each other^^.
It was such a warm night.

posted by Maki

by millet_sisters | 2008-11-07 20:05 | Workshops  

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