Interview by Cecilia


Cecilia is one of the leading urban permaculturists in Melbourne,
and the most elegant one in the world (^^) ye~ih.

Click below to read our interview with Cecilia about millet cooking.

**Millet Cuisine for a Peaceful World**
Interview with the Millet Sisters of Melbourne

Cecilia asked...

* Can you grow useful cereals on balconies or courtyards?
* What's so great about millet?
* If millet is good, why isn't it more popular?
* So, of all the good causes you could devote your energies to,
why did you choose food?
* What is your favorite recipe for when you come home tired and hungry?
* What are the three top things about Japanese culture
you would like to share with Aussies?
* So, what's your most ambitious dream for your millet work?

Special thanks to Cecilia for her inspiration and support.

by millet_sisters | 2009-03-30 10:30 | Special Events  

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