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Deco Nakajima will be here in March!

Deco's Macrobiotic Cooking Classes Australia Tour
Classes in Melbourne


*~* Happy and Simple Living *~*

Deco Nakajima will be here in March!

Charismatic Japanese chef Deco is the author of 7 well selling books and founder of Rice Terrace Café/Brown's Field, a macrobiotic farm out of Tokyo which has become a centre of sustainable living where people can experience a Traditional lifestyle in its origin.

Deco conducts and teaches at international workshops and seminars and is the leading teacher at the Kushi Macrobiotic Academy in Tokyo. Her cooking style is based on the Japanese tradition "shindo fuji" - living in touch with the land. Deco brings to her teachings a life time experience of natural farming, being the mother of 5 children and a wealth of knowledge.


10th sat & 11th sun March, 12.30-3pm
LG Kitchen/322-326 Coventry St, South Melbourne

$85 including recipe and 5main tasting dishes
+ rice ball, miso soup and simple pickle
+ nibbles, sweets and tea.

Booking/Enquiries: decotoz@gmail.com/0403 737 713

Brown's Filed→www.brownsfield-jp.com


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Party foods!


Artwork by Ponzu

Date : Nov. 19, 2011 10:30-14:00
Location : Grattan Gardens Community Centre
40 Grattan St., Prahran

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Soba making workshop


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Vitality of herbs and grains

Last Saturday, 30 participants and 10+ organisers joined together
at the Grattan Gardens Community Centre in Prahran for the
¨easy-to-cook & delicious-to-eat grain cooking workshop¨.


Thank you all for making the event successful.

Together we demonstrated and cooked 5 dishes;

*Creamy potato mash with Amaranth
*Chunky sausages with Buckwheat and Chia
*Colourful Summer salad with Quinoa dressing
*Quinoa polenta slice with bolognese style Millet sauce
*Stuffed mushrooms with risotto style Millet using home-made pesto


Most ingredients were locally and organically grown
and some of the herbs were harvested in our backyards.

The less food mileage, the better. : - )


Bay leaves for bolognese sauce, Greek basils for the Salad and Sage for sausages

As we know, weeds are difficult to eradicate
owing to their strong hold on life.
So are herbs and grains.

By taking their incredible life energy into our body,
we become extra strong and energised.

However, no matter how nutritious they are, the ingredients cannot
demonstrate their best unless we cook them in a delicious way.

When that happens, it is as if all the cells start dancing with joy.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the grain foods.

Special Thanks to・・・

Hope Connection for making the event possible,
Ms. YA design for demonstrating Amaranth dish,
Ms. Happy Bird for home-made pesto and much more,
Ms. M for making the Quinoa dressing perfect,
Ms. Ponzu for her photography and knowledge in foods,
Mame JP Sweets for being the bridge between.

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Easy-to-cook & delicious-to-eat Grain Cooking Workshop

Hope Connection & Sacred Grains present..

Easy-to-cook & delicious-to-eat Grain Cooking Workshop

We will prepare 4-5 dishes using various grains and
seasonal vegetables which are available in Melbourne.


Date : March 13th 10:30AM〜1PM

Location : Grattan Gardens Community Centre, 40 Grattan St., Prahran

Fee : $ 18 or $ 15 if you bring your own plate, apron, fork and knife.

Please send your e-mail to hopec@optushome.com.au for booking before March 6th.

* This workshop will be held in Japanese language; intermediate level needed

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Cooking in the wind @ CERES

What a day..windy and cold.

YET, five wonderful, enthusiastic
and warm-hearted: ) people turned up
for the Sacred Grains workshop at CERES!

Here is what we cooked:

* Pumpkin and Millet Lasagna

* Crunchy Quinoa Nugetts

* Millet and Tofu Quiche

* Buckwheat and Seaweed Salad
* Juicy Indian Millet Burgers
* Carob and Oats Truffles

It turned out to be a nice winter meal and...definitely
'Slow Food' ; ) as it took more than we expected.

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Millet for Bento Box

You might have heard how crazy we are about Bento Boxes in Japan.
From convenience stores to local supermarkets, everybody sells and
buys Bento Boxes. But do you know who makes the best Bento? Moms!


Last week, we held a millet cooking workshop with
a young mothers' group from the Eastern Suburbs.

We experimented some dishes which could be
suitable for Bento Box... Here is what we cooked;


* Juicy Millet Burger
* Crunchy Millet Croquette
* Brown & Black Rice Sushi Rolls
* Creamy Polenta Omlete
* Healthy Millet Sweets
* Four-Bean Salad by M-san

We cooked all these while children were at school. Job well done!
Special thanks to Monica-san for organising the workshop.

by maki

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CERES workshop

Sunday 5th April 2009 due to CERES harvest festival
it's now rescheduled on Sunday 26th April 2009
sorry for any inconvenience

If you think grains are boring—think again!
Let us show you how to turn ordinary millet
and other grains into delicious meals.

This hands on workshop will cover things such as
juicy millet burgers, crunchy quinoa nuggets,
sweet carob and oat truffles.

These grains have high nutritional values and
are great alternatives to meat, tofu and tempeh.

$88/$77 CERES member/concession

9387 2609 for further info or booking


CERES is a place which exists to initiate and support
environmental sustainability and social equity with an
emphasis on cultural richness and community participation.

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Cooking from Permaculture Garden


On the last day of October, I was invited to a house of
Permaculturists for a cooking demonstration.

In light drizzle, the creator of the Permaculture garden
and I started wandering around to find some ingredients
for tonight's dinner.

...uhmmm...something yummy to go with grains.

"Lemon tree is over there, Here is our Asparagus,
oh! sorry I forgot about you (to her melon seeding^^)"

It was as if she was introducing me to her close friends,
it's just that ... they can be nibbled^^.

As she was gently guiding her fluffy chooks to bed,
she explained how to build a fox-proof cage using
some recycled materials, which may seem rubbish
for some, but they're very useful toys for others.

By the time a basket was full of fresh vegetables
and fruits, People from the Eastern Suburban
Permaculture Group started arriving.

Together we cooked; (veggies from the garden)

* Minestrone-Style Soup with Millet and Oats (Red Onion, Parsley)

* Marinated Seaweed with Buckwheat (Lettuce, Rocket, Lemon)

* Japanese-Style Pasta with Buckwheat
(Asparagus, Beans, Peas, Spinach, Mitsuba, Shiso)

* Garlic flavoured Quinoa Nuggets (Garlic Chive, Red Onions)

* Millet Burger with Grated Carrots (Thyme and Red Onions)

* Cooked Vine Leaves and Kale

* Oat and Carob Truffles


A small kitchen gave us no choice
but to be cooking close to each other^^.
It was such a warm night.

posted by Maki

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