Quick Quinoa mini-pancake


1. Cook the quinoa (or any millet) with a pinch of natural salt
2. Chop the kale (or silver beet) & garlic, and stir-fry them until soft
3. Mix the wholemeal flour (or rice flour) with water and seasoning
4. Combine 1, 2 and 3 well in a big bowl (egg is optional)
5. Heat some oil in a frying pan and scoop 5 into the pan
6. Fry both sides until they are golden brown
7. Sprinkle with natural salt or serve with chilli sauce

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Vitality of herbs and grains

Last Saturday, 30 participants and 10+ organisers joined together
at the Grattan Gardens Community Centre in Prahran for the
¨easy-to-cook & delicious-to-eat grain cooking workshop¨.


Thank you all for making the event successful.

Together we demonstrated and cooked 5 dishes;

*Creamy potato mash with Amaranth
*Chunky sausages with Buckwheat and Chia
*Colourful Summer salad with Quinoa dressing
*Quinoa polenta slice with bolognese style Millet sauce
*Stuffed mushrooms with risotto style Millet using home-made pesto


Most ingredients were locally and organically grown
and some of the herbs were harvested in our backyards.

The less food mileage, the better. : - )


Bay leaves for bolognese sauce, Greek basils for the Salad and Sage for sausages

As we know, weeds are difficult to eradicate
owing to their strong hold on life.
So are herbs and grains.

By taking their incredible life energy into our body,
we become extra strong and energised.

However, no matter how nutritious they are, the ingredients cannot
demonstrate their best unless we cook them in a delicious way.

When that happens, it is as if all the cells start dancing with joy.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the grain foods.

Special Thanks to・・・

Hope Connection for making the event possible,
Ms. YA design for demonstrating Amaranth dish,
Ms. Happy Bird for home-made pesto and much more,
Ms. M for making the Quinoa dressing perfect,
Ms. Ponzu for her photography and knowledge in foods,
Mame JP Sweets for being the bridge between.

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Easy-to-cook & delicious-to-eat Grain Cooking Workshop

Hope Connection & Sacred Grains present..

Easy-to-cook & delicious-to-eat Grain Cooking Workshop

We will prepare 4-5 dishes using various grains and
seasonal vegetables which are available in Melbourne.


Date : March 13th 10:30AM〜1PM

Location : Grattan Gardens Community Centre, 40 Grattan St., Prahran

Fee : $ 18 or $ 15 if you bring your own plate, apron, fork and knife.

Please send your e-mail to hopec@optushome.com.au for booking before March 6th.

* This workshop will be held in Japanese language; intermediate level needed

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more about Chia Seeds

Chia seeds originally come from Mexico
and in a Mayan language, Chia means Strength.

Chia Seeds are rich in Omega3&6, Iron, Magnesium,
Calcium, Anti-Oxidants, Protein, Vitamins and etc..

Just like Hemp Seeds (Onomi) were used to give strength
to people in Japan (perhaps also in some other parts of Asia),
Chia Seeds have been one of the most important source for
balanced nutrition for Mexico and neighboring countries.

There is a story of Buddha having one Hemp Seed a day
when he was in his ascetic period for three years.
Likewise there is a legacy of Ancient Aztec warriors
eating Chia Seeds to keep them going.

Well, some plants are made just right for us.

Hemp Seeds are available in Japan but not in Australia (><)
but luckily we have access to Australian grown Chia Seeds.

I am having them for my breakfast and dinner,
so that I can turn into a super human with the physical strength
of an Aztec warrior and and the spiritual strength of Buddha :-)

Chia seeds, Corn Cereal and Raisins mix in Rice Milk.

Polenta and Asparagus with Chia Seeds and Soy Beans.


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Chia seeds


Have you seen these seeds before? They are called Chia seeds.
Somehow, they turn gelatinous when they are mixed with water!?


So, I decided to use them in my tomato sauce.
My intension was to make the sauce thicker
without using flour but with Chia seeds.

They have very little taste and high in nutrition.

The Chia Company

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