Open Cafe and Winter Menu

You'll be delighted by traditional Japanese cuisine
using a fusion of winter garden veggies and grains.

Where : Wabi Sabi Salon 94 Smith St Collingwood VIC
When : June 14 (sun) 12pm-4pm

~Sacred Grains~ Winter Lunch Menu

1. Miso Sake Soup served with Rice Triangles

* It's very popular winter dish especially in the West side of Japan.
This refuse of Sake is full of nutrition and known for its warming effect.

2. Dairy-free Quiche with Winter Garden Veggies
served with Daikon and Walnut Salad, and Tofu Mousse.

* Vegetables grown underground such as Daikon (Japanese Radish)
are the ones to eat more in winter as they keep your body warm.

3. Sacred Grains Lunch Box served with Miso Soup

* Mochiawa Millet, Buckwheat, Takakibi Millet and
nutritious grains are packed in this special lunch box.

4. Sweets; ' yukashi ' Cake served with Organic Tea or Coffee

* 'yukashi sweets' are surprisingly delicious healthy alternatives.

5. Drinks; Organic Japanese Tea, Coffee, Chai and Soft Drinks

* A slight change in the menu could happen without notice.
* In our sustainable cooking, locally grown organic ingredients
are used whenever possible.


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Millet Supporters

Whenever we held special events and gatherings,
we counld't have done it without Millet Supporters!

Efficient and reliable, Akko cooks as finely as her sister, yukko^^.

Creative and spirited, Chika brings up millet cuisine to a new level.

Happy Bird
Artistic and crafty, her dishes are as colourful as her designs.

Mame Japanese
Wagashi is a type of Japanese sweets used in tea ceremonies.

Through her photos, you can see Ponzu's passion for food.

She is a peace activist and funded a peace group called JfP.

A chef by trade, she has wide experiences in food industry.

Experienced in millet cooking, she is also a Yoga teacher.

Nuno Circle
A creator of colourful wallets using pre-loved materials.

Crafty lady making everything from hand made soaps to Hemp accessories.

She is either smiling or crying :-) Our future midwife.



Thank you all for your continuous support!


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Grain Nut Crunch


Last Sarturday, we had an opportunity to prepare
some sweets for 'Australia-Japan Peace Forum'.


Grain Nut Crunch is very simple to make.

Organic Brown Rice Puffs (2 cups)
Organic Quinoa Puffs (½ cup)
Roasted Almonds (55g)
Organic Raisins (30g)

~B: optional~
Organic Coconut Flakes or
Organic Carob Powder or
Cinnamon Powder or/and
Pumpkin Seeds

Organic Rice Syrup (4 table spoons)
Organic Peanut Butter (1 table spoon)

1. Mix ~A~ and add ~B:optional~
2. Cook ~C~ until lightly boiled
3. Mix all together and put on a baking tray
4. Oven for 8~10 minutes
5. Wait until cool down

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a night with Music & Millet

Thank you all for coming to our first collaborating event
with `Love is a Gift` music concert by Maya and Hiroko.

We sincerely apologise for those who missed out on tickets.
It will most likely to be on again in August ^^

Here is what we prepared for this special occasion.

* Rice paper rolls with buckwheat and fresh salad + tofu dip
* Multi grain rice and mushrooms in INARI pockets

* Indian millet loaf and vegetable skewers + chili sauce
* Mushrooms stuffed with flavoured millet + lotus root chips

* Special Japanese sweets with pumpkin and beans

Special thanks to, Maya, Hiroko, Loco coffee
and also to the wonderful millet supporters,
Ms.HMame Japanese Sweets, Ms.C and Ms. A

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Sacred Grains Talk on 3CR's Food Fight

One of the millet sisters will be on a local commnuity radio tonight!

Maki will introduce yummy healthy dishes by using various millet
and grains and talk about the impact to sustainable agriculture.

Time: 5:30-6pm
Program: Food Fight
3CR <855AM>

Please turn on a radio and enjoy the program!!

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