Cooking in the wind @ CERES

What a day..windy and cold.

YET, five wonderful, enthusiastic
and warm-hearted: ) people turned up
for the Sacred Grains workshop at CERES!

Here is what we cooked:

* Pumpkin and Millet Lasagna

* Crunchy Quinoa Nugetts

* Millet and Tofu Quiche

* Buckwheat and Seaweed Salad
* Juicy Indian Millet Burgers
* Carob and Oats Truffles

It turned out to be a nice winter meal and...definitely
'Slow Food' ; ) as it took more than we expected.

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Music Concert with Millet Dinner

"Love is a Gift"

LOCO Coffee 436 Glenhuntly Rd Elsternwick

2 May 2009 (Sat) 19:30 - Open 20:00 - Start

$10  Music Only
$20  Music + Millet Cuisine
* booking is essential

It's already booked out for 2 May,
but we are planning to organise
the same event another day.

"Music and food can heal bodies and souls"

* Singer Maya and Pianist Hiroko are performing
English and Japanese songs including some originals

* Millet Sisters are preparing the Millet Dinner using
some locally grown organic and seasonal Vegetables

To make a booking, please contact:

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Millet for Bento Box

You might have heard how crazy we are about Bento Boxes in Japan.
From convenience stores to local supermarkets, everybody sells and
buys Bento Boxes. But do you know who makes the best Bento? Moms!


Last week, we held a millet cooking workshop with
a young mothers' group from the Eastern Suburbs.

We experimented some dishes which could be
suitable for Bento Box... Here is what we cooked;


* Juicy Millet Burger
* Crunchy Millet Croquette
* Brown & Black Rice Sushi Rolls
* Creamy Polenta Omlete
* Healthy Millet Sweets
* Four-Bean Salad by M-san

We cooked all these while children were at school. Job well done!
Special thanks to Monica-san for organising the workshop.

by maki

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Interview by Cecilia


Cecilia is one of the leading urban permaculturists in Melbourne,
and the most elegant one in the world (^^) ye~ih.

Click below to read our interview with Cecilia about millet cooking.

**Millet Cuisine for a Peaceful World**
Interview with the Millet Sisters of Melbourne

Cecilia asked...

* Can you grow useful cereals on balconies or courtyards?
* What's so great about millet?
* If millet is good, why isn't it more popular?
* So, of all the good causes you could devote your energies to,
why did you choose food?
* What is your favorite recipe for when you come home tired and hungry?
* What are the three top things about Japanese culture
you would like to share with Aussies?
* So, what's your most ambitious dream for your millet work?

Special thanks to Cecilia for her inspiration and support.

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CERES workshop

Sunday 5th April 2009 due to CERES harvest festival
it's now rescheduled on Sunday 26th April 2009
sorry for any inconvenience

If you think grains are boring—think again!
Let us show you how to turn ordinary millet
and other grains into delicious meals.

This hands on workshop will cover things such as
juicy millet burgers, crunchy quinoa nuggets,
sweet carob and oat truffles.

These grains have high nutritional values and
are great alternatives to meat, tofu and tempeh.

$88/$77 CERES member/concession

9387 2609 for further info or booking


CERES is a place which exists to initiate and support
environmental sustainability and social equity with an
emphasis on cultural richness and community participation.

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